Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose David Glover Furniture? 

Whether it is a bespoke kitchen, bedroom, home office, av furniture or commercial furniture. David Glover Furniture has years of experience in providing high quality furniture for both domestic and commercial customers. We work to the highest standards and we care about what we are making. 

How far do you travel? 

David Glover Furniture are based in North Devon, however, we work throughout England and do travel nationwide. Past clients have been in Devon, Somerset, London, Berkshire, Derbyshire, Surrey, Sussex and Southern Ireland. 

Do you have a standard range of furniture? 

No, everything that is made at David Glover Furniture is bespoke, designed for you and your space. However, we do have some furniture for sale which is individually made, but of a standard design.

My ceilings slope and walls are irregular. Is that a problem? 

No, all of David Glover Furniture projects are bespoke to you, your design and your room, therefore we design your furniture around the space including ceiling height slopes and walls. 

How much does your furniture cost? 

As all of our projects are bespoke, pricing is made to suit each project and we try to accommodate your budget within our design. 

Do you install your furniture? 

Yes, at David Glover Furniture, we like to see the project through from start to finish. In fact usually the same cabinet maker that makes your furniture will also deliver and fit it. 

Do you have a showroom? 

No, David Glover Furniture does not have a showroom for several reasons, firstly all of our commissions are bespoke. Also not having a showroom allows us to keep our costs lower passing the benefits on to you. We see our website as a 'showroom' showing past projects that we have been involved with. We also welcome potential customers to visit our workshop to see any work in progress at that time. 

Is David Glover Furniture using environmentally friendly materials? 

Yes, our selected wood veneers and solid timbers are sourced from environmentally sustainable sources and also carry the FSC mark. We also recycle as much as possible, re-using packaging and cardboard, solid wood off-cuts are cut up for use in wood burners and sawdust and shavings are re-used as animal bedding. 

What finishes does David Glover Furniture offer? 

We have our own spray booth where we spray your furniture, by hand, in any sheen clear lacquer and well as any colour you specify for a painted finish. We also finish some pieces using Danish oil and or wax. 

How long is your lead time? 

Our lead time depends on the work load and the size of the project, you can usually expect it to be between 4 - 6 weeks from receipt of deposit 

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We hope these answers have been useful but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions. We will be happy to help. 

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