About Us

At David Glover Furniture we design and make bespoke furniture to suit the requirements of each individual client. We have been established since 1998 and have developed a national reputation for producing high quality bespoke furniture. 


For the domestic market we specialise in the design and manufacturing of wardrobes, home offices, radiator casings, kitchens, bookcases, alcove units and other storage solutions. 


We also work with commercial clients, often alongside their own designers and architects to produce the furniture required. We manufacture reception desks, other bespoke office furniture, control desks, bookcases, pigeon hole units and audio visual solutions, such as media storage walls. 

We do not produce a standard range of furniture, but instead we offer an idea as an initial starting point and then develop it to suit that specific client and situation. 
A wide range of materials are available, ranging from natural timbers to man made boards. Finishes depend on the individual. We can supply a piece primed ready for specialist painting, or free standing pieces can be supplied in almost any colour. Natural wood finishes are also available. 
All of our quotations are prepared on an individual basis to ensure that you receive our best attention. Please contact us to discuss any projects that you may like us to quote for. 

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